Goals & Objectives

To help NASA SBIR awardees succeed, the NTTC draws on its capabilities in technology transfer, technology and market analysis, and commercialization.

The goals of the NTTC’s SBIP Program are to:

  1. Provide Phase II SBIR companies with the support needed to move to Phase III by:
    • promoting SBIR technologies to those who can use it at NASA;
    • fine-tuning companies’ capabilities for product development and market penetration;
    • helping companies attract development funds.
  2. Make it easy for NASA to make full use of its SBIR Program by:
    • promoting available SBIR technologies, and ways these technologies can meet NASA’s needs;
    • publicizing the SBIR program and its solicitations, awards, and successes, as well as the NASA Alliance for Small Business Opportunity (NASBO);
  3. Guide NASA technology users to the SBIR innovations they need by:
    • creating information channels for easy access to details on SBIR technologies;
    • developing at-the-ready information on NASA’s needs and performance requirements for use in solicitations, awards and selection, and packaging of SBIR technologies for presentation to NASA.