Small Business Services

Partnership Development
Successful infusion of a needed technology into a NASA mission often requires the expertise of a small business that has the ideal solution. The right partner, however, is sometimes difficult to locate.

In managing data related to the NASA SBIR technology portfolio, which includes more than 700 funded and completed Phase II SBIR projects, the NTTC develops separate portfolios based on a company’s technology or area of expertise. This categorization enables the NTTC to link these projects with needs that NASA has identified within its missions. The data can be matched with technology requirements of other government agencies as well, or with current needs that the NTTC sees in the commercial marketplace.

The NTTC helps create partnerships between NASA, the private sector, academia, and small businesses by:

  • Developing non-confidential materials for distribution to potential partners
  • Contacting potential partners to gauge interest
  • Working with NASA and SBIR awardee to complete confidentiality agreements that enable further technical discussions
  • Recommending a course of action for partnership
  • Following up with both parties to keep process moving toward agreement
  • Providing SBIR company with documents for applying for agreement
  • Working with both parties to complete agreement
  • Recommending agreement terms to NASA
  • Monitoring success of agreements