Small Business Services

Technology Evaluation
Government agencies and private companies look to the NTTC for help in determining the technical competitiveness and commercial viability of their innovations. The NTTC has developed a multi-level assessment menu that is tailored to meet an individual client’s needs, which can vary from a one-page evaluation to a comprehensive review – or anything in between. Any or all of the following may be included:

  • Description of technology
  • Technological stage of development (Technology Readiness Level (TRL))
  • Determination of application area/s
  • Categorization by application area by using Industrial Classification or Intellectual Property Classification Taxonomies
  • Identification of similar research and development activities
  • Identification of similar intellectual property
  • Identification of similar products
  • Determination of intellectual property advantages and barriers by comparison
  • Determination of the technology's competitive advantages
  • Determination of ability of innovators to support commercialization efforts
  • Identification of subject matter experts
  • Interviews
  • Recommendations based on findings